Time for more Vitamin D
K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH
2023-11-16 09:44:00
Time for more Vitamin D -

Many people do not have optimal levels of vitamin D - with possible consequences for bone health, among other things. Although the human body can produce vitamin D itself, it can only do so if it is exposed to sufficient direct UV-B radiation from sunlight. This is often not the case, especially during the darker months of the year. 

Over 60 per cent of adults in Germany have an insufficient supply of vitamin D and around 30 per cent of all adults even have a vitamin D deficiency, according to the Robert Koch-Institut. Vitamin D deficiency occurs when vitamin D is not present in the body in sufficient quantities over a longer period of time and clinically relevant symptoms occur. 

The diet only contributes a relatively small proportion to the vitamin D supply, as only a few foods contain significant amounts of vitamin D. It can therefore be useful to use a dietary supplement to support the vitamin D supply.

We can supply you with the following vitamin D qualities:  

  • our Vitamin D from mushrooms contains at least 200 µg D2/g (8000 IU/g), is free from carrier substances and is suitable for the production of a vegan end product.
  • our PANMOL® Vitamin D3 contains at least 2.5 mg D3/100 g, embedded in a vegetable matrix. It is produced using the patented PANMOL® process based on quinoa sprouts and is also ideal for chewable tablets thanks to its nutty flavour.
  • our Vitamin D3 Powder with min. 100,000 IU/g, EP is a cholecalciferol concentrate in the form of a free-flowing powder. 

Vitamin D is a scientifically well-researched ingredient that allows up to seven different EFSA Health Claims.