New in our portfolio: Artichoke Leaf Extract
K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH
2023-09-13 13:34:00
New in our portfolio: Artichoke Leaf Extract -

We now offer an Artichoke Leaf Extract with min. 5 % Cynarin. It is obtained exclusively from the fresh leaves of Cynara scolymus L. by water extraction.

The artichoke (Cynara cardunculus, syn. Cynara scolymus) is a thistle-like cultivated plant of the composite family (Asteraceae). Originally native to Ethiopia, the artichoke is now cultivated almost everywhere in the Mediterranean region and is mainly known as a vegetable. The leaves and the flower heads harvested before flowering are also valued as a medicinal plant for centuries.

The artichoke is traditionally used for digestive complaints caused by insufficient bile secretion and manifested by bloating, flatulence and digestive weakness.

According to scientific studies, the ingredients of the artichoke, such as the bitter substance cynarin, are said to stimulate the liver-biliary system. The increased production of bile facilitates the digestion of fats. In addition, studies show that artichoke can lower the cholesterol level in the blood and protect the liver.